IT Security Risk


It is quite delicate matter to understand how much secure is your system, and what challenges you might have. On the other hand, figuring out how to enrich your security practices reduces the possibility of future breach or compromise.

Internal, External, or Remote nodes

Internal nodes are the one used internally- on premises - either by users as workstations or as servers. externals are servers delivering services externally to customers or to telecommuters. remote nodes could exists in branches or could be simply a telecommuter node.


It is all about your services delivered internally to your internal users or externally to your customers or your remote workers.

Procedures and Policies

In full assessment, all procedures and policies will be scrutinized by our professional to make sure that they are accurate and they are usable. 

SAM - Observation

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What is IT Security Risk Assessment ?

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Our Approach.... How we do it?

Basically, we follow SANS standard in ....